Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CRN #10036. Bob Dylan: Words, Music and Influence
Spring 2009 Syllabus.

Here are a few useful Web sites for more information. Of course, Google will give you a lot more.
bobdylan.com. This is the official web site by Sony. Loaded with material including lyrics to (almost) all of Dylan’s songs, and even a search option to find all songs containing a word or a phrase.
expectingrain.com. A daily site on current and past doings relating mostly to Bob Dylan (BD). Run by a Norwegian Karl Erik Anderson who deserves some sort of reward.
croz.fm. Lots and lots of unofficial (bootleg) downloads of BD and material and other good stuff. A great site for stuff you’ll never find in the stores. Maintained by Patrick Croz, a Canadian.
boblinks.com. All of BD’s concerts, playlist and reviews, usually favorable, mostly by Dylan fans. Hosted with great care by an American, Bill Pagel.

Some related DVD’s excerpts of which will be presented in class: Don’t Look Back, I’m Not There, No Direction Home, The Other Side of the Mirror, Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years, The Last Waltz.
Some related books: Song & Dance Man III, by Michael Gray, Dylan’s Vision of Sin, by Christopher Ricks., Chronicles, Volume 1, by Bob Dylan, the first of several autobiographies promised by BD himself.

We will try to loosely adhere to the following schedule.

Week 1. A quick run through of Dylan’s musical periods and progressions – BD as traditional folk singer. BD as political and romantic singer/songwriter.

Week 2. Transition to Rock and Roll.

Week 3. Continuation of Week 2.

Week 4. Hibernation (Basement) period; Country, Romantic & Lyric period

Week 5. Religious period. Philosophical works

Week 6. Summary. Discussion of Dylan movies, press conferences and his later work as a radio announcer concentrating on music of the ‘20’s and 30’s.

We will discuss selected lyrics throughout the course. The course will be illustrated with performances on DVD and music on MP3’s.

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